"It simply worked"

Elena and Aleksi started using Familings baby mattress when their son Cosmo was 3 weeks old.

"I don't know what I would have done without it", Elena says.

We didn’t sleep well at all. Cosmo only fell asleep in my arms, pram or car. I had to swing the baby bassinet to make him sleep."

"I was so tired I couldn’t even go for a walk. But I had to, because Cosmo wouldn’t sleep otherwise. Let’s say he didn’t sleep at all during the day unless I went out for a walk with the pram."

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Then it all changed when Elena got the Familings baby mattress.

"I fed Cosmo and put him on the mattress. I turned the mattress on and he fell asleep. Then I was free to do other things."

"I had more energy to go outside and do housework. I had time to cook and eat myself and didn’t have to wait for my husband to come home. I could even take a shower…such little things which made a big difference."

Elena’s husband Aleksi felt the benefits too.

"It worked, it simply worked, that’s all", Aleksi says. "It made our life easier when our baby was small."

"Everything was new since Cosmo is our first child. We were stressed about all sorts of things. So this mattress was a good solution. It made our child feel better and we had more energy."

You can buy the Familings baby mattress here on our website - just click shop.

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I could relax and sleep normally

Familings baby mattress helped Ania’s baby fall asleep in the evening. Her whole family had more energy during the day. “We could just lead a normal life and not be cranky at each other", Ania says

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On the video Ania explains:
-Her younger son used the Familings baby mattress from 2 to 6 months
-Using the mattress felt safe because it’s so simple
-The up-and-down movement is soft and calm
-The mattress is good looking so it doesn’t spoil the interior
-Ania had more energy during the day because she could relax in the evening, even read a book, and sleep normally
-Ania’s whole family could lead a normal life and not be cranky at each other because they were well rested
-Ania thinks the Familings baby mattress is “definitely worth trying” because it can improve your evenings and the quality of your whole life

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