Better sleep means more smiles

Founded on personal experience

It’s not fun when babies can’t sleep. We feel love mixed with stress and exhaustion, even desperation. Lack of sleep affects everything. Yet parents have been trying to put their baby to sleep the same way for generations: we rock, swing and soothe babies in our arms, pram or even driving our cars through the night.
Hanna Sissala, a working mother from Helsinki, tried to make her first child sleep for hours. When nothing seemed to help, she decided to invent a solution. She put together a team of experienced professionals who also wanted to help families sleep better, and Familings baby mattress was born.

Designed for those we love the most

We designed the surface of the mattress to be breathable, so that air would pass through and it would be safer than a normal mattress even if the baby turns tummy down.
Hanna was able to try the mattress herself with her second child in 2015.
Before we got the mattress our son slept only 10 minute naps. He woke up tired and crying, and we were stressed too.
After we got the mattress, our son slept for 45 minutes, and woke up smiling because he slept enough.
Familings baby mattress has been designed and developed continuously together with babies and parents.
I’ve been fortunate to see how the mattress has helped so many families to be happier, Hanna says.
When a new baby is born, parents can’t choose how well he or she sleeps. My hope is that with Familings baby mattress even those babies and families who have trouble falling asleep can be happy and enjoy good interaction with their child.

We at Familings believe