More sleep for your baby

During pregnancy your baby sleeps while you are moving. Familings baby mattress imitates this soft movement by rocking gently up and down, in the safety of a normal baby bed.

More sleep for you

Familings baby mattress rocks your baby to sleep. You can rest, read a book or just enjoy a moment of peace and quiet. When was the last time you did that?

Happier moments together

We believe that well-rested parents are the best parents. When you have more energy, you can best support the development of your child.
Helps your baby fall asleep naturally
Familings baby mattress rocks your baby to sleep with a gentle up and down motion. You can rest, relax or spend a quiet moment with your spouse.

Beautifully simple
Clean white design fits any home.

Fits a normal crib
Designed to fit a standard baby bed.
Your baby sleeps on a breathable mesh fabric that lets air pass through even if your baby turns tummy down.

CE marked. Designed and made in Finland considering EU standards. All moving parts safely away from your baby.

Machine washable in 60 degrees. Dries in just one hour and gathers no moisture. All fabrics hypoallergenic and free from harmful substances.

See How It Works

My first child didn’t sleep well for months. I decided to do something about it.

Hanna Sissala, a working mother from Helsinki, tried to make her first child sleep for hours. When nothing seemed to help, she decided to invent a solution. She put together a team of experienced professionals who also wanted to help families sleep better, and Familings baby mattress was born.

Buy It Now & Sleep Well



Automated up-and-down movement. Highly breathable mesh fabric surface. Made in Finland.
490€ Buy Now


Try the Familings baby mattress flexibly! Rent it for baby teething period or other times of difficult sleep.
35€ per wekk

Words from our customers

Words from our customers

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